Dells Raceway Park would like to thank everyone who raced or was
involved with a race team in 2014 for choosing Dells Raceway to compete at.

We hope you can attend the awards banquet and join in to celebrate our 2014 champions.

The total being distributed out between point fund and products is over $30,000. We have several manufacturing Companies awarding out products and certificates. The only requirement to receive free products was to race with us one time and that the driver be at the banquet to receive them. Some of the companies supporting the drivers are:

Lefthander Chassis

$1,000 off New Chassis


Holmes Motorsports

2 Laser Align


Wegner Eng.

Gift Certificates


Performance Parts Supply

6 Gift Certificates


Behling Racing

12 $50 Gift Certificates



8 Wheels


QM Clutch

Gift Certificates


Tiger Rear End

2 Low Drag Bear Kit


Wehrs Machine

Gift Certificates



4 W-5 Hubs


Sweet Mfg.

2 Steering Wheels


AP Brakes

4 Rotors


Right Foot

LS Stab Adj. and Arm


Quick Car

3 Air Pressure Gauges


Joes Racing

Gift Certificates


PRF Brakes

4 Rotors



3 $100 Gift Certificates



4 CO Springs



Drive Shaft Aluminum



Drive Shaft Steel


Plus, there will be a drawing from Five Star Bodies for those who raced 75% of the races.

Super Late Model

One Body, Pkg. A

Rookie Year

$250 Gift Certificate

Late Model

One Body, Pkg. A

Rookie Year

$250 Gift Certificate


$500 Gift Certificate

There will be MANY door prizes for Sportsman, Outlaw Bandits, and Bandits. Some examples are:
  • Air Gauges
  • Seat Belts
  • Gloves
  • Rivets
  • Windows Nets
  • St Wheel Pads
  • PR Steering Hub

  • Dells Raceway Park would like to thank all those involved and it is important that we all thank these great companies when you see them. Hope to see you all at the banquet.
    Super Late Models
    Last Updated 9/6/2014
    Pos Car# Driver Pnts
    12RKen Reiser930
    295BJerry  Blystone882
    344LMike Lichtfeld*753
    411KBobby Kendall690
    518NFrank Nitzke682
    632KHaley Kapp*669
    713BMike Breiner637
    832LSteve  Lichtfeld613
    931JCorey Jankowski535
    1022PLandry Potter496
    * Rookie    

    Last Updated 9/6/2014
    Pos Car# Driver Pnts
    121LMitch Lyden Dave Trute1888
    223BRandy Breunig1851
    397WChris Weber*1718
    477WMike Winters1712
    524SClifton Sauey Phil Smith1706
    623BBBrandon Birdsill1608
    704GRon Grabarski1523
    845GLee Gray*1487
    912LScott Luck1344
    1026PDoug Paul1274
    * Rookie    

    Outlaw Bandits
    Last Updated 9/6/2014
    Pos Car# Driver Pnts
    1241Ed Klug Brandon Johnson1794
    272CRon Coppernoll1640
    333FTim Finstad1427
    411JBrandon Junget396
    523PJohn Preston243
    66RSteven Rozek157
    767SMike Sherwood141
    832MPhil Malouf134
    9192Kyle Stark132
    10111Devon Dixon131
    * Rookie    
    Late Models
    Last Updated 9/6/2014
    Pos Car# Driver Pnts
    167NNick Nolden1258
    228BJesse Bernhagen1228
    321MShane Morrissey1132
    471SMorgan Schissel1067
    531SLarry Schotten1065
    632KHaley Kapp1002
    752RNick Roehl*932
    888JKen Jacoby*913
    919LDan Lensing858
    1031KSKelsey Schultz796
    * Rookie    

    Hobby Stock
    Last Updated 9/6/2014
    Pos Car# Driver Pnts
    162HTravis Hancock1909
    229EKevin Eddy Jeff Burrows1881
    302JAdam Johnson Brian Warner1809
    413GBecky Grabarski1732
    581Bob Sauer* Jesse Hansen*1664
    633RJimmy Robinson Billy Robinson1217
    755KMatt Wildenberg* Martin Kentopp660
    836BRay Burkam226
    939MTuffy Myer121
    107CRick  Coppernoll116
    * Rookie    

    Last Updated 9/6/2014
    Pos Car# Driver Pnts
    127JJames Junget2045
    249BDan Bagley1914
    339MColton Morgan1895
    496LJim Lapp1884
    565ZRiley Zilmer1868
    626MJosh Mazur1845
    723PJohn Preston1778
    88DLogan Delaney*1767
    943PAndrew Portzen1741
    1085HJim Heiking1587
    * Rookie    

    N1070 Smith Rd.   Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965    Phone: (608) 253-RACE (7223)