Super Late Model: Top of the Line

The best of the best in chassis engineering and technology

Dry Sump Engines capable of producing more than 500 HP with a 2 Barrel Carb

10 inch Hoosier tires for maximum grip and higher speeds

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Late Model: The Premier Division for most Wisconsin Short Tracks

Purpose Built Race Chassis - Infinite Chassis Adjustability

Wet Sump Engines producing upwards of 450 HP with a 2 Barrel Carb

Hoosier 8 inch tires designed for durability and repeatability.

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Sportsman: From the Ground Up

Full Framed Factory Production GM Metric Chassis

Chassis adjustability limited to Production Chassis restrictions.

Moderate engine packages designed for durability.

Limited Body and component costs

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Outlaw Bandit:  Perfomance Enhanced

4 cylinder Front Wheel Drive

150 Plus HP Engine

Aftermarket Headers

Hoosier 790 Series Race Tires

Chassis Adjustability Allowed

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Bandit:  Cost Effective Entry Level Racing

4 cylinder Front Wheel Drive

150 HP or less Engine

Very Basic Chassis Adjustability

Stock Engine Package

Street Tires

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3nd Annual ICEBREAKER 100


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