2015 Mother's Day Special at Dells Raceway Park

Saturday, May 9, 2015

The 2015 season at Dells Raceway Park sure is the year of broken records!

Garett Goodwin, Nick Roehl, Tyler Sauter and Chris Storey with transfer through the B-Main to race in the Late Model Feature.

The 67 of Todd Schmitz and number 6 car of Vince Bartolota where on the front line, followed by Shelby Berlin and Jacob Nottestad to start the Legend Feature. Bartolota immediately took the lead as the 67 of Schmitz fell into third place. Aaron Moyer was on the move right out of the gate, he quickly made his way from sixth to third place within the first 5 laps. Shelby Berlin tried her best to hold onto second as Moyer filled her rear view mirror. With twelve laps to go Moyer makes his move to pass the number 24 for the second place spot. Moyer took his Legend car to the outside of Bartolota. Just as Moyer tried to make a move for the first position, Albert Sachs Spun in the 4th corner. After a few side by side laps, Bartolota lost his leading position to the number 140 of Aaron Moyer. The number 16 of Matt Berlin made his way to the third position followed by his sister Shelby Berlin in 4th and Todd Schmitz rounded out the top 5.

The Outlaw Bandit race started off with a wreck in turn 4 before they where able to complete the first lap. The wreck collected the number 72 of Ron Coppernoll with a flat left front tire, the front row cars number 33 of Tim Finstad and the 11 car of Arch Preston. The number 88 car of Dennis Delaney held tough to his lead as John Handeland and George Sparkman teamed up on the outside. With 5 to go, the 5 Car of Sparkman was getting impatient. The 19 of Handeland and 5 of Sparkman split Delaney to take over the front row, moving him into third. Sparkman took the high side as Handeland claimed the low groove as they came out of turn number four going for the green, Sparkaman was able to take the checkered flag by a fender over Handeland. What an exciting clean sweep night for Sparkman, the driver out of Loves Park, IL. Not only did he Qualify as fast time, win his heat race and dominate the feature, but he also now holds the new Outlaw Bandit Track Record with a 16.046!

Thomas Fara went down low and Mahlon Borntrager went high after they took the Sportsman Feature Green flag. The top 12 cars managed to keep a packed field of side by side racing for the first 5 laps of the 25 lap feature. Borntreger hung outside as Kevin Gilding passed down low. The number 24 of Kyle Wolosek crowded the top two cars, as he followed close behind in third. Doug Paul made his move to take over the top spot. After starting in the back of the pack, Dave Trute made his way to the middle of the group before the half way mark. Mitch Lyden fell back to 5th as the number 7 of Rick Coppernoll made his way to 3rd. So far this season, Dave Trute has made himself very comfortable with the top groove. Once again Trute passed around the outside to move into the third spot with 6 laps to go. Kyle Wolosek didn't make it easy for Trute as they battled for the second position with only 4 laps left in the race. Doug Paul escorted the field with a straight away lead as they reached the three to go mark. With only 2 laps left, Trute quickly chased down the leader of Doug Paul. In the end Dave Trute came up short, losing by only a car length in the end.

Michael Clapper and Shane Morrissey took over the front row, shuffling the 44 of Justin Mondeik backwards. Just under 10 laps into the race Morrissey dove below Clapper working him for the lead. The number 52 car of Steve Dobbratz observed and opportunity and took a chance to follow Morrissey past Michael Clapper. The 17 car driven by Grant Griesbach made a move to the outside of Mondeik, battling him for 4th place. With just over 20 laps to go, Dobbratz made himself known as he dove low looking toward the inside of Morrissey for first. Rich Schumann, Jr. put on a great show as he entertained the crowd moving from almost last place to 6th with only half of the race completed. The reigning track Champion of Nick Nolden fought Schumann side by side for fifth with just 15 laps left to go. After Schumann made his pass, Nolden followed him through to overcome Clapper for 4th with the 51 of Dale Nottestad close behind in 5th place.

In the last feature of the night, the 51 Bandit car of Dan Snyder claimed his position in first on the first lap followed by Andrew Portzen in second. The 77 car of Dan Rozek fought off Josh Mazur as Rozek pinched up close to the bumper of Portzen, making sure to not allow too much space between them. With 15 to go, Snyder claimed a 6 car length lead over Portzen. The 26 of Mazur looked to the outside of Rozek with 10 laps to go as the 27 car of James Junget became antsy in 8th place. Dan Snyder was able to create an even larger lead as Portzen and Rozek became caught behind a rookie lap car with 5 laps to go. For the second consecutive week, Colton Morgan was a great contender. This week, Morgan was able to make his way from 12th place to fifth during the 20 lap feature!


Late Model Feature
#52 Steve Dobbratz
#21 Shane Morrissey
#54 Rich Schumann, Jr.
#67 Nick Nolden
#51 Dale Nottestad
#15 Michael Clapper
#17 Grant Griesbach
#32 Haley Kapp
#75 Dillon Hammond
#28 Jesse Bernhagen
#31S Larry Schotten
#52 Nick Roehl
#44 Justin Mondeik
#18 Michael Ehde
#31 Kelsey Schultz
#29 Garett Goodwin
#66 Chris Storey
#6 Tyler Sauter

#26 Doug Paul
#2 Dave Trute
#24 Kyle Wolosek
#7 Rick Coppernoll
#21 Mitch Lyden
#97 Chris Weber
#12 Scott Luck
#29 Davey Pennel
#23BB Brandon Birdsill
#5 Kevin Gilding
#08 Mahlon Borntreger
#11 Bryce Miller
#65 Riley Zillmer
#18 Thomas Fara

#5 George Sparkman
#19 John Handeland
#88X Dennis Delaney
#24 Brandon Tackes
#26 Josh Mazur
#33 Tim Finstad
#72 Ron Coppernoll
#11 Arch Preston

#51 Dan Snyder
#43 Andrew Portzen
#77 Dan Rozek
#23 John Preston
#39 Colton Morgan
#0 Ren Revels
#26 Josh Mazur
#24 Marty Tackes
#27 James Junget
#49 Dan Bagley
#96 Jim Lapp
#6 Jake Hassler
#8D Logan Delaney
#14 Hanna Raley
#6S Chevy Schoff
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