Dobbratz Wins Cabin Fever 50

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Wisconsin Dells, WI. Steve Dobbratz from Rio, WI captured the opening night Cabin Fever 50 at the Dells Raceway Park Saturday night over Dillon Hammond and Jesse Bernhagen to bring home his first win in a late model headliner for the 2016 season.

Front row starters Brad Muller from Hillsboro, WI and Deforest, WI driver Kurt Clapper paced the field to green Saturday night in the Late Model Cabin Fever 50 at Dells Raceway Park with Clapper grabbing the lead on lap one with Muller hot on his tail. Lap 2 saw Muller take the lead back from Clapper as the racing was outstanding on the new Hoosier R-750 tire being used for the first time in 2016 at the Park. Muller now had a mirror full of 2 time champion Nick Nolden and as Nolden took the lead it was 2015 Track Champion and New Track Record holder Rich Schumann Jr. heading off to the pits with a mechanical issue on lap 5. Then caution flew on lap six as the car of Brad Muller and last years rookie of the year Chris Storey got together sending them both to the rear of the field. On the restart it was Nolden now doing battle with the Cuba City driver Shane Morrissey followed by Clapper, Dobbratz and Bernhagen. Nolden and Morrissey were in a side by side battle for the lead once again with 20 laps to go and the pair got together coming out of turn 4 sending both cars spinning into the infield and Steve Dobbratz who had worked his way up to the third position now found himself in the lead followed by Bernhagen, Dillion Hammond, Larry Schotten and Clapper now in the fifth spot. With ten laps to go Hammond worked his way past Bernhagen and set his sights on Dobbratz but it was not to be as Dobbratz held on for the win followed by Hammond a strong second with Bernhagen third and a impressive come back from Morrissey who had to start at the rear of the field from his lap 30 spin all the way back to fourth with Schotten rounding out the top five.

In earlier action it was Rich Shumann Jr. breaking the Track Record held by Mike Lichtfeld with a time of 13.925 and it was Jake Zellmer from New Berlin, WI taking home the first Assembly Products Dash of the year and Larry Schotten won the heat race.

Late Model - Qualifying
0 No. Name Time
1 54S Rich Schumann Jr. 13.925 (New Track Record)
2 28 Jesse Bernhagen 13.948
3 52 Steve Dobbratz 13.969
4 75 Dillon Hammond 14.084
5 67 Nick Nolden 14.124
6 21M Shane Morrisey 14.154
7 99 Jake Zellmer 14.182
8 55M Chad Miller 14.255
9 66 Chris Storey 14.359
10 7C Kurt Clapper 14.380
11 93 Brad Muller 14.397
12 31KS Kelsey Schultz 14.420
13 31S Larry Schotten 14.443
14 88 Ken Jacoby 14.496
15 19D Larry Devito 14.578
16 39M Colton Morgan 14.822
17 70K Rachel Kallas 14.838
18 33F Bernie Fritz Sr 15.114

Late Model - Assembly Products Dash
0 No. Name Time
1 99 Jake Zellmer
2 7C Kurt Clapper
3 52 Steve Dobbratz
4 67 Nick Nolden
5 21M Shane Morrisey
6 66 Chris Storey
7 28 Jesse Bernhagen
8 54S Rich Schumann Jr.
9 55M Chad Miller
10 75 Dillon Hammond

Late Model - Heat
0 No. Name Time
1 31S Larry Schotten
2 33F Bernie Fritz Sr
3 88 Ken Jacoby
4 19D Larry Devito
5 70K Rachel Kallas
6 39M Colton Morgan
7 93 Brad Muller
8 31KS Kelsey Schultz

Late Model - Feature
0 No. Name Time
1 52 Steve Dobbratz
2 75 Dillon Hammond
3 28 Jesse Bernhagen
4 21M Shane Morrisey
5 31S Larry Schotten
6 7C Kurt Clapper
7 66 Chris Storey
8 67 Nick Nolden
9 88 Ken Jacoby
10 55M Chad Miller
11 19D Larry Devito
12 70K Rachel Kallas
13 39M Colton Morgan
14 33F Bernie Fritz Sr
15 54S Rich Schumann Jr.
16 93 Brad Muller
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