Bad Moon Rising for Bandits

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Wisconsin Dells, WI. The Dells Raceway Park Bandits could not
escape the rath of the full moon Saturday night as Dalton Schneider and Josh Mazur brought the field to green it was Mazur with the early advantage and Ren Revels in hot pursuit. Revles took the lead from Mazur and was looking good until fast qualifier Nick Schmidt closed the gap and as many thought the rest would be history. Funny thing about the full moon only seems t...o bring out bad luck as Schmidt was taking command of the race he had an axel break & lost a wheel collecting John Preston & Mazur. Schmidts night was done and Preston and Mazur restarted in the back as Revles was back in command followed closely by Club Lamark Rookie of the year contender Abe Bires. Bires did a masterful job working the outside lane to take the lead and held off the dash winner Jim Lapp for his first ever feature win followed by Revels, Hanna Raley and Preston coming back thru to claim a top five. Unfortinately Bires failed post race tech and was denined the first place finish. In earlier action Jim Lapp won the Ziegler Crane Bandit Dash, with Ren Revels taking home the heat race & Nick Schmidt setting fast time.
Bandits - A-Feature
0 No. Name Time
1 1B Abe Bires DQ
2 96 Jim Lapp
3 0 Ren Revels
4 14 Hanna Raley
5 23 John Preston
6 16 Dalton Schneider
7 26 Josh Mazur
8 12 Hunter Poehnelt
9 09 Nick Schmidt
Ziegle Crane Bandit Dash
0 No. Name Time
1 96 Jim Lapp
2 09 Nick Schmidt
3 1B Abe Bires
4 23 John Preston
Bandits - Heat 1
0 No. Name Time
1 0 Ren Revels
2 26 Josh Mazur
3 14 Hanna Raley
4 16 Dalton Schneider
5 12 Hunter Poehnelt
Bandits - Qualifying
0 No. Name Time
1 09 Nick Schmidt 17.050
2 1B Abe Bires 17.405
3 23 John Preston 17.709
4 96 Jim Lapp 17.711
5 0 Ren Revels 17.796
6 14 Hanna Raley 17.936
7 12 Hunter Poehnelt 18.282
8 26 Josh Mazur 18.570
9 16 Dalton Schneider 18.686
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