2nd Annual Rich Siedschlag Memorial DeWalt Tool Night

Saturday, May 23, 2015

The first Green flag of the evening was dropped for the CSR Super Cup, 20 lap feature! Before the first lap was completed, two cars from the back of the field spun around in turn two. The entire field was able to make it back onto the track for a full restart. Half way through the feature, Jamie Domski was able to make himself comfortable in the top spot and secure the win with Amanda Bohn following close in second.

The second feature show of the evening was provided by the DRP Bandits. The 24 of Marty Tackes and the six car of Dave Lembke made up the front row to take the green flag. From the sounds of it, Tackes may have missed the shift on the start, causing the his car to fall to the back of the field. as The 77 of Dan Rozek was in the top spot, something must have broke as he followed suit and fell to the the back of the field. The number 14 of Hannah Raley had something dragging, causing a shower of sparks over the cars following behind her. Josh Mazur and James Junget put on a great show as they raced side by side, lap after lap on the front row. With 5 laps to go, the 17 of Dave True, Jr and the 23 of John Preston spun coming out of turn 4. With only 5 to go, the flag man Arne Thompson got the cars going again with a single file restart. On the restart, Junget looked low making contact with Mazur. They where both able to save their cars from destruction. Mazur wasn't able to hold off Junget for long though, with 2 to go James Junget was able to pass for the lead and check out from the field. The show to watch was the race for second, Colton Morgan was able to pull one over on Mazur and Morgan made the pass with one to go.

As the Sportsman geared up for the start of their feature, the outside line looked strong, allowing the 29 of Davey Pennel to take the lead. The Sportsman race was filled with caution free action following behind the leader of Pennel who's car was on a rail right off the bat. With 6 to go in the 25 lap feature, Dave trute in the number 2 car was able to chase down Cody Hubred and finally conquer the second position with only 5 laps left in the feature. The show really started to get going with only a couple laps left, as the 4th place through 7th bunched up. Pennel was able to take the the Checkered by himself, he was checked out from the field early as he prepared for his victory. "Good thing I qualified bad so I was able to start in the front!" Pennel mentioned, also stating "Trute was coming quick, his car sure was dialed in!". Next week should be another great show, I know I cant wait to see if Trute's "Dean's Satellite" machine can be restrained again!

For the Late Model Feature, Kelsey Schultz and Grant Griesbach took the starting flag on the front row. Two laps in to the race, Schultz was able to take the lead. Just after Schultz completed her first lap in the top spot, the 55 of Chad Miller spun into the infield between turns one and two. With 48 laps to go the cone was brought out, allowing the drivers to choose which line would work best for their car. Behind Schultz, Griesbach, Jesse Bernhagen, Michael Clapper and Haley Kapp all took the outside lane. Only 5 laps into the race, the 67 of Nick Nolden's machine looked quick as he passed Schultz for the lead on the inside! Justin Mondike and Grant Griesbach raced side by side for the third spot. After putting up a fight, Griesbach couldn't hold Mondeik off any longer. Bernhagen took the opportunity to follow Mondeik past Griesbach to round out the top 3. It didn't take Justin Mondeik long to close in on the 31 of Kelsey Schultz for second. Once again, Bernhagen saw an opportunity and took it, He was able to swing around the outside and pass both Schultz and Mondeik for second! Mondike took a chance to make his move by sticking his nose to the outside, as the 31 of Schultz fell back, the 21 of Shane Morrissey was forced to make the track three wide out of turn 3 with 30 laps still left in the race. The 32 of Haley Kapp was steadily gaining ground and was able to find her way to 3rd as the race was reeled into the midway point. Kapp was able to close the gap on Bernhagen with 20 to go. Coming out of turn 3, Rich Schumann was able to drive right around the outside of Morrissey for third. Haley Kapp did an awesome job of making herself know among the boys. She was able to work her way further and further into the corner, gradually gaining inch after inch on Bernhagen. Kapp was finally able to pass Burnhagen with Schumann following close to her bumper. Before Kapp was able to complete a full lap in the top position, the 67 of Nolden parked his race car on the front stretch with what looked like engine trouble, causing a caution. Because the yellow was thrown before Kapp was able to complete a full lap, the line up was set back to the last completed lap. Bernhagen was put back into the leading position as Schumann, Mondiek and Dale Nottestad all choose the outside lane for the restart. As the field went back green, the 44 of Mondeik slapped the back stretch wall. He was able to re gain control of his car and safely pull it into the pits. As Schumann and Kapp raced side by side, it was Schumann who eventually slipped up, allowing Kapp to keep her position in 2nd. After taking back control of his machine, Schumann tried every trick in the book to work around the 32 of Kapp. Ultimately, Schumann was unsuccessful and even left the bottom lane open for Morrissey to squeeze by and take the 3rd spot. As the the race came to an end, the action erupted between Morrissey and Schumann! On the final lap, Schumann and Morrissey came out of 4 side by side and ended up finishing the race with a tie for 3rd place! Burnhagen was very proud of his win, and his competition, stating "Haley Kapp did a hell of a job tonight!".

Great job and congratulations to all of out drivers, you all put on a great show for our fans week after week!


Late Model
1- Jesse Bernhagen 28
2- Haley Kapp 32
3- Shane Morrissey 21
3- Rich Schumann 54
5- Steve Dobbratz 52
6- Dillon Hammond 75
7- Dale Nottestad 51
8- Larry Schotten 31S
9- Michael Clapper 15
10- Kelsey Schultz 31
11- Grant Griesbach 17
12- Michael Ehde 18
13- Chris Storey 66
14- Chad Miller 55
15- Hunter Drefahl 7
16- Justin Mondeik 44
17- Nick Nolden 67
18- Tyler Sauter 6
19- Nick Roehl 52

1-Davey Pennel 29
2- Dave Trute 2
3- Randy Breunig 23
4- Scott Luck 12
5- Cody Hubred 20
6- Daron Fish 360
7- Brandon Birdsill 23
8- Mahlon Borntreger 08
9- Bryce Miller 11
10- Mitch Lyden 21

1- James Junget 27
2- Colton Morgan 39
3- Josh Mazur 26
4- Dan Bagley 49
5- Jim Lapp 96
6- Dave Lembke 06
7- Jesse Johnson 38
8- John Preston 23
9- Chevy Schoff 6S
10- Marty Tackes 24

Outlaw Bandits
1- Kyle Stark 192
2- John Handeland 19
3- Tim Anderson 272
4- Georgae Sparkman 5
5- Ron Coppernoll 72
6- Brandon Tackes 24
7- Riley Zilmer 65
8- Josh Mazur 26
9- Tim Finstad 33
10- Dave Lembke 06
11- Ken Knapik 20
12- Dave Treu, Jr.
13- Cheri Kurth 07

CSR Super Cup
1- Jamie Domski
2- Amanda Bohn
3- Sydney Wonderling
4- Zayne Feller
5- Trevor Adams
6- Steve Naples
7- Zachary Tinkle
8- Cayla Domski
9- Jack Rouston
10- Preston Stoecker
11- Mike Naples
12- Noah Eisenhower
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