Bernhagen Wins Josh Blum Memorial 50

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Jesse Bernhagen from Markesan, WI was as hot as the weather as he won the Josh Blum Memorial 50 Saturday Night and broke the track record for a 50 lap race as he completed the 50 lap feature in 12 minutes and 24 seconds. 12.24.995 to be exact.

The feature field was set in the Assembly Products Dash as the drivers started the A-Main by the way they finished the 10 lap dash and that meant veteran driver Kurt Clapper who won the dash would bring the field to green with Maustons Kelsey Schultz on the outside as the 18 car field crossed the strip. Clapper would take the early lead but on lap 6 it was Jesse Bernhagen who ran down Clapper and grabbed the point. Bernhagen would set a blistering pace and was in lapped traffic by lap 15. Lapped traffic would play a role in this race as two time DRP Champion Nick Nolden used the advantage early to close within a half car length by the halfway point. Just as fast as Nolden closed on Bernhagen the tide turned and Nolden boxed in by a lapped car lost the lead draft and now had to contend with 2015 Track Champion Rich Schumann Jr. The battle was for second as Bernhagen checked out on the field and by the time Schumann cleared Nolden there was less than ten to go and a lot of lapped traffic to deal with. The caution free race ended with Bernhagen posting his first A-Main win of the season in record breaking fashion with Schumann second, Nolden third with two young hard chargers Dillion Hammond and Jake Zellmer rounding out the top 5. Schumann was the nights fast qualifier with Kurt Clapper winning the Assembly Products Dash and Larry Devito from Camp Douglas, WI posting his first win of the year in the heat race. A Big Thank You to all the drivers, teams and fans who braved the heat to come out and see a great night of racing at your very own Dells Raceway Park. Late Models will be back June 25th when the top ten in time will compete for $500 to win in a Prelude to the Assembly Products Shootout Dash for 15 laps. This week June 18th the Super Late Models are back in action for the Lyle Nabbefeldt Memorial with TT at 5:30 and Racing at 7pm.

Late Model - Qualifying
1- 54S Rich Schumann Jr. 14.110
2- 67 Nick Nolden 14.147
3- 52 Steve Dobbratz 14.169
4- 28 Jesse Bernhagen 14.185
5- 75 Dillon Hammond 14.200
6- 99 Jake Zellmer 14.203
7- 31S Larry Schotten 14.314
8- 31KS Kelsey Schultz 14.318
9- 15 Michael Clapper 14.378
10- 7C Kurt Clapper 14.378
11- 19 Michael Harrgard 14.454
12- 10B Nick Beaver 14.501
13- 88 Ken Jacoby 14.561
14- 70K Rachel Kallas 14.582
15- 66 Chris Storey 14.601
16- 19D Larry Devito 14.686
17- 39M Colton Morgan 14.763
18- 33F Bernie Fritz Sr 15.246
Late Model -Assembly Products Dash
1 7C Kurt Clapper
2 31KS Kelsey Schultz
3 28 Jesse Bernhagen
4 67 Nick Nolden
5 54S Rich Schumann Jr.
6 15 Michael Clapper
7 75 Dillon Hammond
8 99 Jake Zellmer
9 52 Steve Dobbratz
10 31S Larry Schotten
Late Model - Heat
1 19D Larry Devito
2 39M Colton Morgan
3 66 Chris Storey
4 19 Michael Harrgar
5 10B Nick Beaver
6 33F Bernie Fritz Sr
7 70K Rachel Kallas
8 88 Ken Jacoby
Late Model -Josh Blum Memorial 50 Feature
1 28 Jesse Bernhagen
2 54S Rich Schumann Jr.
3 67 Nick Nolden
4 75 Dillon Hammond
5 99 Jake Zellmer
6 7C Kurt Clapper
7 31KS Kelsey Schultz
8 52 Steve Dobbratz
9 10B Nick Beaver
10 31S Larry Schotten
11 19 Michael Harrgar
12 66 Chris Storey
13 70K Rachel Kallas
14 88 Ken Jacoby
15 19D Larry Devito
16 39M Colton Morgan
17 33F Bernie Fritz Sr
18 15 Michael Clapper
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