Schoppenhorst Wins Nabbefeldt Memorial

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Terry Schoppenhorst from Berlin, WI was the winner of the 2016 edition of the Nabbefeldt Memorial. Schoppenhorst said in victory lane he had been racing since 1991 and this is his first ever feature win. Schoppenhorst made his first win a memorable one as the Nabbefeldt Memorial is a prestigous race that not only comes with a trophy from the track but includes the eleusive Nabbefeldt Travling Trophy which is his to keep till next year which has all the past winners engraved on it such as six time winner Dick Trickle,Tom Reffner, Rick Wateski, Jim Sauter, Mike Miller, Steve Burgess, Jim Weber, Jim Back, Mark Mackesy, Kevin Peterson, Rich Bickle and 2015 winner Bobby Kendall. A very nice treasue to take home along with the bonus money from Davey Cox and the Nabbefeldt Family indeed.

The feature field was set by how the top ten in time finished in the Assembly Products Dash to start the night. Schoppenhorst who won the dash started from the pole postion but it was Mike Lichtfeld who lead the first couple laps from the outside pole but as the tires warmed up so did the action as Schoppenhorst retook the lead on lap three but shortly there after the caution came out. On the restart it was Schoppenhorst on the point with 2015 DRP and CWRA champion Tim Schendal filling his mirrors along with Lichtfeld followed by fast qualifier Bobby Kendall and hard charger Mark Eswein from Wisconsin Rapids. As the race moved along it was Lichtfeld applying these pressure again looking high and low looking for an opening until lap 33 when the pair touched and Schoppenhorst went spinning off of turn 2. Now the Dells has a gentlemens agreement where if a driver spins another and wants to take the blame he came tap out and let said driver get his spot back and thats is what happend. Lichtfeld who is a gentlemen and a all around class act tapped out relegating himself to the rear which put Schoppenhorst back into the lead spot. With 22 to go and Schoppenhorst back on point the green flew and it was Eswein, Schendel and Dalton Zehr now appling the pressure to the leader, As the race stayed green until the end it was Eswein on the outside of Schoppenhorst in a side by side battle to the finish with Schoppenhorst hanging on for the biggest win of his career followed by Eswein, Schendel, Zehr, and John DeAngelis Jr. rounding out the top five. In earlier action Bobby Kendall set fast time with Schoppenhorst winning the Assembly Products Dash and Corey Jankowski winning the heat. Dells Raceway Park would like to thank the Nabbefeldt Family for having us host this prestigious race once again and a Big Thank You to all the race teams and fans who came out on a beautiful night for this special event.

Super Late Models - Qualify
1 11K Bobby Kendall 13.234
2 21S Tim Schendel 13.296
3 17J Brian Johnson Jr. 13.315
4 71E Mark Eswein 13.375
5 7J John DeAngelis Jr 13.399
6 44L Mike Lichtfeld 13.403
7 711 Dalton Zehr 13.484
8 12 Terry Schoppenhorst 13.505
9 13B Mike Breiner 13.516
10 52T Keith Tolf 13.574
11 99 Jerry Gille 13.581
12 2G Greg Borchardt 13.628
13 31J Corey Jankowski 13.686
14 31DS Dale Schultz 13.928
Assembly Products SLM Dash
1 12 Terry Schoppenhorst 10
2 44L Mike Lichtfeld 10
3 21S Tim Schendel 10
4 71E Mark Eswein 10
5 11K Bobby Kendall 10
6 711 Dalton Zehr 10
7 13B Mike Breiner 10
8 7J John DeAngelis Jr 10
9 17J Brian Johnson Jr. 10
10 52T Keith Tolf 10
Performance Parts Supply SLM - Heat 1
1 31J Corey Jankowski 5
2 99 Jerry Gille 5
3 31DS Dale Schultz 5
Nabbefeldt Memorial 55- SLM
1 12 Terry Schoppenhorst 55
2 71E Mark Eswein 55
3 21S Tim Schendel 55
4 711 Dalton Zehr 55
5 7J John DeAngelis Jr 55
6 44L Mike Lichtfeld 55
7 11K Bobby Kendall 55
8 99 Jerry Gille 55
9 52T Keith Tolf 55
10 13B Mike Breiner 55
11 31DS Dale Schultz 55
12 31J Corey Jankowski 10
13 17J Brian Johnson Jr. 3
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