Lyle Nabbefeldt Memorial 55- Scout Night

Saturday, May 30, 2015

The only fatality in the track's 50 plus year history occurred on May 26, 1973 when Wisconsin Rapids driver Lyle Nabbefeldt suffered from a heart attack causing him to lose control of his car entering turn one during time trials, he then crashed into the outside wall and was killed instantly. The Lyle Nabbefeldt Memorial began in 1974 as a tribute to the driver, and it became the Dells' annual marquee event until its last running in the late 1990s. The first running of the event was a 100-lap feature, but the feature format was changed the next year to running two 55-lap features with an overall champion being declared. The change was made to reflect the number 55s that Nabbefeldt ran throughout his racing career. Another unique part of the Nabbefeldt Memorial was the winner's trophy, known as the Nabbefeldt Traveling Trophy. The overall champion of the Nabbefeldt Memorial was allowed to keep the trophy until the following year's running of the race. If any one driver was able to win the Nabbefeldt Memorial three years in a row, that driver would take permanent possession of the trophy and a new one would be introduced. Dick Trickle won the event two years in a row on two occasions, but Rick Wateski is the only driver to have won the event three years in a row (1991/1992/1993). Wayne Lensing, the current owner of Dells Raceway Park, has officially revived The Nabbefeldt Memorial for the 2015 season with a brand new Traveling Trophy. The commemorative race will be part of a series of Annual CWRA Challenge Series races.

The 2015 Lyle Nabbefeldt Memorial night was defiantly full of excitement. With a weather scare and a morning full of rain, the evenings events looked to be threatened early on. As the day progressed, so did the sunshine. Dells Raceway Park was able to wrangling up Twenty Eight Super Late Models to fill a very competitive field. Some drivers where even able to make the last minute trip from other Wisconsin tracks who cancelled due to rain, not only adding numbers to the car count but also adding excitement to the evening.

After suffering from motor trouble and causing a yellow during the first Super Late Model heat race, the Fast Qualifier, Skylar Holzhausen was forced to load up his machine and call it a night. The #2 of Ken Reiser was also collected in the heat race caution, ending his night early. Six lucky drivers where able to transfer through the B Feature into the Lyle Nabbefeldt Memorial 55 feature race. Those luck drivers where; Ryan Hinner, Mark Eswine, Travis Volm, Frank Nitzke, Corey Jankowski and Keith Tolf. The number 3 of Jeff Weinfurter and number 11 of Bobby Kendall brought us to the green from the front row for the Lyle Nabbefeldt Memorial 55. Only two laps into the Super Late Feature, the top 5 made it 3 wide through turn one and two. Travis Volm spun in turn one on the 3rd lap causing the first caution of the feature. For the restart; Landry Potter, Tim Schendel and Jeff Storm all took the outside lane at the cone. Seven laps into the race, Bobby Kendall took the lead and Potter followed behind in second. The 19 of Dan Lensing made a move to the inside of Ben Pettis to take fifth. With 38 laps to go, Austin Nason passed Potter for second but Potter sure did put up a fight. Jeff Storm made his way past Lensing for 5th, Lichtfeld took the opportunity to follow Storm past the 19 car. Lichtfeld was on a roll as he passed by Storm for 4th. As the race met its half way point, the leader Bobby Kendall began to make his way past the first lap car. As Kendall picked of lap cars, Austin Nason was able to stick his nose on the inside of Kendall for the lead, after two laps of side by side racing Nason dominated and claimed the lead. With 19 laps to go, the 22 of Potter and the 21 of Schendel made contact causing the 21 to spin in turn four. As a show of true sportsmanship, Potter honors the gentleman's agreement by tapping his roof to signal fault of the contact and allowing Schendel to keep his position. On the restart, something broke on the 17 Machine driven by Nason before he could take the green flag, causing him to pull into the pits. Kendall regained his lead followed by Schendel, Lensing and Lichtfeld. With 10 laps to go, Lichtfeld got lose on the front stretch but was able to save his car from wreckage. With two to go, Lichtfeld tried to pass Lensing on the inside but Lensing was able to hold off the 44 and keep the third position and Jeff Storm was able to round out the top 5.

The Hausman Engineering Bandits had the honor of being the first feature race for the evening. The #24 of Marty Tackes and the #16 of Karl Genett on the front row, brought us to the green. With 5 laps into the bandit feature, Dan Rozek made his way to the lead followed by the 8D of Logan Delaney and the number 09 of Nick Schmidt from Jefferson Speedway. As always, the 39 car driven by Colton Morgan put on a great show while turning the fastest lap times of the race. Durring the second half of the race, Logan Delaney was doing his best to reel in the 77 car of Rozek but he just couldn't pull enough tricks out of his trunk to make up a win.

The night started of fairly eventful for the SynMax Synthetic Sportsman class. Early on it looked as though a turn of events may have taken place, as the number 2 of Dave Trute spun in turn 3 while making his way to the green flag for the Sportsman Trophy Dash. Trute has made a name for himself as the car to beat this season, he looked to have suffered from a broken brake rotor. Fortunately, the 2 team was able to repair all damage in time for the feature. Only 2 laps into the feature, the 55 car of Martin Kentopp spun through turns 3 and four after speculation of another car leaking fluid onto the race track. After the first caution, the 42 of Adam Cartwright chose the inside line at the cone. The 42 was followed by the 6 car of Jason Thoma and the 2 car of Dave Trute. The #6 of Thoma looked fast as he was trying his best to make his way to the top spot. Doug Paul made use of the outside as he took the lead 5 laps into the race. Dave Trute also made use of the outside groove as he picked off his victims one by one on his way to the front of the field. Mitch Lyden and Kyle Wolosek raced side by side for the third position on the track. With 10 to go, Lyden began to pull in Paul as they made their way through lap traffic. Once again, the 55 of Kentopp spun bringing out the last caution of the race. After the Flag man, Arne Thompson, brought the field back to green, Jason Thoma was able to make his way back to second after utilizing the outside lane to his advantage. Once again, Mitch Lyden found himself battling with Doug Paul for third. Dave Trute was able to prove his potential with another win in the books.

The T&S Custom Outlaw Badits started off with a bunched up field on the first corner causing the race to be placed under a yellow and re lined up for a complete restart. The 19 of John Handeland quickly took the lead after the track went back green. With 17 laps to go, the 16 of Adam Kreykowski made a pass on Handeland for the first position. The 88 of Dennis Delaney and the 16 of Kyle Gennet race side by side for second, Gennet wasn't able to hold of Delaney for the position. Kyle Stark took away second before Delaney could even get comfortable in the second spot. With 11 laps to go the 16 car of Kyle Gennet met an unfortunate fate as his right front tire flew off his car, up the track exit and into the pits, ending his night as he was pulled off the track by a tow truck. with 5 laps to go and after an enticing side by side lap between Kyle Stark and Adam Kreykowski, Stark went low and passed for the lead.

Lyle Nabberfeldt Memorial Presented by Jacoby Waterproofing
1 11 Bobby Kendall
2 21 Tim Schendel
3 19L Dan Lensing
4 44L Mike Lichtfeld
5 25 Jeff Storm
6 17J Brian Johnson Jr.
7 71E Mark Eswine
8 11P Alex Prunty
9 22BP Ben Pettis
10 711 Travis Volm
11 31J Corey Jankowski
12 23 Ryan Hinner
13 87 Collin Reffner
14 14T Keith Tolf
15 22P Landry Potter
16 17N Austin Nason
17 18N Frank Nitzke
18 3 Jeff Weinfurter

Dash: Dan Lensing / Heat#1 Mark Eswine / Odd Heat: Bobby Kendall / Even Heat: Ryan Hinner / B-Main: Ryan Hinner

Jacoby Waterproofing Super Late Model Qualifying
1 97 Skylar Holzhausen 13.706
2 25 Jeff Storm 13.718
3 17J Brian Johnson Jr. 13.746
4 21 Tim Schendel 13.766
5 11P Alex Prunty 13.779
6 19L Dan Lensing 13.797
7 87 Collin Reffner 13.812
8 22P Landry Potter 13.830
9 22B Ben Pettis 13.855
10 17 Austin Nason 13.899
11 11 Bobby Kendall 13.911
12 44 Mike Lichtfeld 13.945
13 2 Ken Reiser 14.020
14 3 Jeff Weinfurter 14.041
15 18 Frank Nitzke 14.049
16 23 Ryan Hinner 14.073
17 45 Erin Schlough 14.132
18 14 Keith Tolf 14.154
19 71E Mark Eswine 14.168
20 13 Mike Breiner 14.194
21 85 Kurby Kurth 14.226
22 711 Travis Volm 14.255
23 31J Cory Jankowski 14.612
24 54 Dan Devine 14.668
25 88 Ken Jacoby 14.862
26 33 Bernie Fritz 14.910
27 14 Wayne Breitenfeldt 15.173
28 13S Cody Smiley 15.475

Synmax Oil Sportsman Feature
1 2 Dave Trute
2 6 Jason Thoma
3 21 Mitch Lyden
4 26 Doug Paul
5 29 Davey Pennel
6 24 Kyle Wolosek
7 12 Scott Luck
8 51 Kevin Burg
9 08 Mahlon Borntreger
10 42 Adam Cartwright
11 17 Brian Mayer
12 55 Martin Kentopp
13 23bb Brandon Birdsill
14 360 Daron Fish (DNS)

Trophy Dash: Jason Thoma / Heat #1 Kyle Wolosek / Heat #2 Mitch Lyden

Sportsman Qualifying
1 2 Dave Trute 14.692
2 6 Jason Thoma 14.882
3 29 Davey Pennel 15.015
4 12 Scott Luck 15.084
6 08 Mahlon Borntreger 15.148
7 21 Mitch Lyden 15.184
8 360 Daron Fish 15.191
9 24 Kyle Wolosek 15.198
10 23bb Brandon Birdsill 15.275
11 26 Doug Paul 15.286
12 17 Brian Mayer 16.068
13 42 Adam Cartwright 16.274
14 55 Martin Kentopp 17.726

T&S Custom Outlaw Bandit Feature
1 192 Kyle Stark
2 16x Adam Kreykowski
3 32 Phil Malouf
4 19 John Handeland
5 272 Tim Anderson
6 72 Ron Coppernoll
7 88x Dennis Delany
8 33 Tim Finstad
9 4 Tyler Raas
10 24B Brandon Tackes
11 26 Josh Mazur
12 20 Ken Knapik
13 16K Kyle Gennet
14 24M Marty Tackes

Heat#1 Tyler Raas / Heat #2 Tim Anderson
1 192 Kyle Stark 15.981 (NTR)
2 72 Ron Coppernoll 16.170
3 19 John Handeland 16.291
4 32 Phil Malouf 16.384
5 16x Adam Kreykowski 16.407
6 272 Tim Anderson 16.444
7 88x Dennis Delany 16.685
8 4 Tyler Raas 16.892
9 24M Marty Tackes 16.946
10 33 Tim Finstad 17.132
11 16K Kyle Gennet 17.173
12 26 Josh Mazur 17.387
13 20 Ken Knapik 17.791
14 24B Brandon Tackes 18.906

Housman Engineering Bandit Feature
1 77 Dan Rozek
2 8D Logan Delaney
3 09 Nick Schmidt
4 27 James Junget
5 39 Colton Morgan
6 23 John Preston
7 96 Jim Lapp
8 43 Andrew Portzen
9 49 Dan Bagley
10 14B Brett Breitenfeldt
11 7 Jeremy Bredeson
12 26 Josh Mazur
13 16K Karl Genett
14 24 Marty Tackes
15 04 Don Denman
16 14R Hanna Raley
17 6 Chevy Schaff (DNS)
Odd Heat: Nick Schmidt / Even Heat: James Junget

1 23 John Preston 16.773
2 96 Jim Lapp 16.871
3 39 Colton Morgan 16.901
4 27 James Junget 17.120
5 49 Dan Bagley 17.135
6 8D Logan Delaney 17.170
7 14B Brett Breitenfeldt 17.216
8 43 Andrew Portzen 17.297
9 09 Nick Schmidt 17.313
10 77 Dan Rozek 17.340
11 26 Josh Mazur 17.446
12 7 Jeremy Bredeson 17.773
13 16K Karl Genett 17.904
14 24 Marty Tackes 18.233
15 04 Don Denman 18.300
16 14R Hanna Raley 18.915
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