Assembly Products Shootout to Tim Schendel

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Tim Schendel from Sparta WI took home the $1000 to win 20 lap Assembly Products Shootout Saturday Night at the Dells Raceway Park over Alex Prunty and John DeAngelis Jr. It was Mike Breiner and Mike Lichtfeld was brought the field to green and Breiner grabbed the lead early and held the point for the first ten circuits but then it was Schendels time to shine as he work the outside groove from his third... row starting spot and took the lead on lap eleven and sailed off to victory lane for the trophy and the first place check from Ed and Lucy Szelagowski from Assembly Products, Alex Prunty finshed second with John DeAngelis Jr. third and Mark Eswein and Bobby Kendall rounded out the top five.

To qualify for The Assembly Products Shootout a driver must accumulate points through the weekly dashes & the top ten drivers who accumulate the most points through the dashes automatically qualify. Two Provisionals were added to fill the field bringing the Shootout to twelve cars. The Field then drew for their starting positions before the 20 lap event for a chance to win the $1000 top prize.

Assembly Products is a manufacturer, distributor and importer of Fasteners for Industry. Headquartered in Westfield, Wis., the company supplies a complete line of fasteners & Specialty products. We at Dells Raceway Park would like to Thank Assembly Products CEO, Ed Szelagowski Sr. who is the architect of the Shootout, who is an avid race fan & just wanted to create a new level of excitement for the drivers and the fans alike to continue through the whole racing season.

Assembly Products SLM - Shoot Out Aug 6th 2016 RD1

0 No. Name Time

1 21S Tim Schendel 20

2 11P Alex Prunty 20

3 7J John DeAngelis Jr 20

4 71E Mark Eswein 20

5 11K Bobby Kendall 20

6 2R Ken Reiser 20

7 13B Mike Breiner 20

8 31J Corey Jankowski 20

9 52T Keith Tolf 20

10 12 Brad Kossow 20

11 44L Mike Lichtfeld 6

12 97 Skylar Holzhausen 5
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