Holzhausen Dominates Nabbefeldt Memorial

Saturday, May 13, 2017

hird Generation driver Skyler Holzhausen dominated the night in the CWRA Lyle Nabbefeldt Memorial races by winning both A-Main Events and setting fast time. In the first of the CWRA twin features it was Winneconne driver 19yr old Rachel Kallas on the outside of the front row taking the lead from pole sitter Putch Bentley. Kallas would soon fell the pressure from the Veteran Jake Capek who would take the lead and hold the point until the halfway mark of the race when Skyler Holzhausen arrived on the scene to take the lead with 24 laps to go and never looked back. Cepek would finish second with Frank Nitzke third and Eugene Gregorich Jr and Jeff Weinfurther round out the top 5. In the second A-Main event it was Eugene Gregorich Jr on the point and looking strong as he took the lead and set sail to lead the caution free feature event. Gregorich Jr. would lead until 10 to go as Holzhausen had to work his way thru traffic and finally ran down the leader with 10 to go to capture his second feature win of the night. Gregorich would finish second with Jake Capek coming home in third and Frank Nitzke fourth with a impressive finish for the Rookie Rachel Kallas finishing in the fifth spot.

Pos CWRA SLM Qualifying
1 78H Skyler Holzhausen 14.421
2 14G Eugene Gregorich Jr 14.478
3 18N Frank Nitzke 14.521
4 3W Jeff Weinfurter 14.521
5 81C Jake Capek 14.577
6 15S Shane Smiley 14.905
7 6S Mike Slevers 15.019
8 85K Kirby Kurth 15.138
9 70K Rachel Kallas 15.145
10 12B Putch Bentley 15.279
11 12D Derrik VanDreel 15.362
12 31D Dale Schultz DNS

CWRA A-Main #1
1 78H Skyler Holzhausen 55
2 81C Jake Capek 55
3 18N Frank Nitzke 55
4 14G Eugene Gregorich Jr 55
5 3W Jeff Weinfurter 54
6 6S Mike Slevers 54
7 12D Derrik VanDreel 54
8 70K Rachel Kallas 53
9 85K Kirby Kurth 53
10 12B Putch Bentley 39
11 15 Shane Smiley
DNS 31 Dale Schultz

CWRA A-Main #2
1 78H Skyler Holzhausen
2 14G Eugene Gregorich Jr
3 81C Jake Capek
4 18N Frank Nitzke
5 70K Rachel Kallas
6 12D Derrik VanDreel
7 85K Kirby Kurth
8 6S Mike Slevers
9 12B Putch Bentley
10 3W Jeff Weinfurter
DNS 15 Shane Smiley
DNS 31 Dale Schultz
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