Kallas & Nitzke Top Honors in CWRA Legends Night

Saturday, July 15, 2017

As lightning flashed in the distant sky, the thunder rolled onto the track as the CWRA Super Late Models Star to Legends Tour continued at Dells Raceway Park with the salute to Tom Reffner & Marv Marzofka Twin 50 Lap Feature events. The first feature event was the Tom Reffner "Blue Knight" 50 and the field was brought to green by leading rookie of the year contender Rachel Kallas and the crafty veteran from Wausau, Wayne Breitenfeldt as Kallas would grab the lead from the start trying to distance herself from the host of talent that followed. By lap 20 Kallas had company from two CWRA past champions Jeff Weinfurther and fast qualifier Mark Eswein who were in their own hard fought battle for the second spot followed by Jessie Bernhagen and Derrick Gress. At the halfway point disaster struck for the top challengers as Weinfurters' engine let go going into turn 3 and Eswein and Bernhagen had no where to go but up the track from the oil spill and hard into the wall and each other. On the double file restart it was Kallas on the point with now Frank Nitzke , Derrick Gress and Mark Mackesey applying the pressure but Kallas was up to the challenge and held on for her very first Super Late Model win as Nitzke finish second with Mackesey third while Gress and Jake Capek rounded out the top five.

The second feature would be the Marv Marzofka 50 and it was brought to green by Monte Gress and Kirby Kurth with Gress grabbing the early lead. By lap 10 it was the visitor from Wyoming, Brad Tilton making his way thru traffic and taking the lead with Gress, Steve Lichtfeld and Frank Nitzke in pursuit. Tilton would continue to lead until 8 laps to go when a shock mount broke which sent Tilton to the pits and Frank Nitzke to the point. With three to go it there was contact for third between Lichtfeld and Capek sending Lichtfeld into the turn 2 wall and Capek to the rear of the field which set up a green, white checkered finish and Nitzke was able to hold off Monte Gress for the win followed by Derrick Gress, Mark Macesey and Wayne Breitenfeld rounding out the top 5.

CWRA Feature #1 Tom Reffner "Blue Knight" 50
1 70 Rachel Kalles
2 18 Frank Nitzke
3 12 Mark Mackesey
4 0 Derrick Gress
5 81 Jake Capek
6 14 Wayne Breitenfeldt
7 4 Brad Tilton
8 32 Steve Lichtfeld
9 85 Kirby Kurth
10 80 Monte Gress
11 55 Dakota Blakeslee
12 6 David Neitzke
13 3 Jeff Weinfurter
14 71 Mark Eswein
15 31 Jesse Bernhagen
16 6 Mike Slevers
17 12 Derrick Van Dreel

CWRA Feature#2 Marv Marzofka 50
1 18 Frank Nitzke
2 80 Monte Gress
3 0 Derrick Gress
4 12 Mark Mackesey
5 14 Wayne Breitenfeldt
6 81 Jake Capek
7 70 Rachel Kalles
8 6 Mike Slevers
9 55 Dakota Blakeslee
10 6 David Neitzke
11 32 Steve Lichtfeld
12 4 Brad Tilton
13 85 Kirby Kurth
14 12 Derrick Van Dreel
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