Thoma Claims Dells GNSS ICEBREAKER 40

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Jason Thoma of Jefferson Wisconsin has been declared the Official Winner of the ICEBREAKER 40 at Dells Raceway Park. Thoma was the first finisher to pass in the GNSS Tech inspection process post race Sunday Afternoon. Defending Champion Dave Trute came home in second, David Borntreger of Muscoda was third while Dusty Mann and Bryan Syer-Keske rounded out the top five.

4/22/2018 Dells Raceway Park Ice Breaker.....
Great Northern Sportsman Series
A-Main 01 -- 1. Jason Thoma, Jefferson; 2. Dave Trute, New Lisbon; 3. David Borntreger, Muscoda; 4. Dusty
Mann, Farmington, Minn.; 5. Bryan Syer-Keske, Lakeville, Minn.; 6. Andrew Meyerhofer, Menasha; 7. Scott Luck,
North Freedom; 8. Brandon Birdsill, Reedsburg; 9. Steve Schultz, Webster, Minn.; 10. Tyler Sauter, Necedah; 11.
Mahlon Borntreger, Elroy; 12. Landry Potter, Genoa City; 13. Chris Kentopp, Redgranite; 14. Michael Gilomen,
Northfield, Minn.; 15. Jason Stark, Sparta (DQ); 16. Randy Humfeld, Chaseburg (DQ) 17. Martin Kentopp, Redgranite; (DNS).

Heat 01 -- 1. Dusty Mann, Farmington, Minn.; 2. Landry Potter, Genoa City; 3. Michael Gilomen, Northfield,
Minn.; 4. Chris Kentopp, Redgranite; 5. Martin Kentopp, Redgranite.

Qualifying Dash 01 -- 1. Jason Thoma, Jefferson; 2. Scott Luck, North Freedom; 3. Steve Schultz, Webster, Minn.;
4. Bryan Syer-Keske, Lakeville, Minn.; 5. Andrew Meyerhofer, Menasha; 6. Randy Humfeld, Chaseburg.

Qualifying Dash 02 -- 1. Brandon Birdsill, Reedsburg; 2. Dave Trute, New Lisbon; 3. Jason Stark, Sparta; 4. David
Borntreger, Muscoda; 5. Tyler Sauter, Necedah; 6. Mahlon Borntreger, Elroy.

Time Trial -- 1. Scott Luck, North Freedom (14.759); 2. Jason Stark, Sparta; 3. Randy Humfeld, Chaseburg; 4. Dave Trute, New Lisbon; 5. Jason Thoma, Jefferson; 6. David Borntreger, Muscoda; 7. Bryan Syer-Keske, Lakeville, Minn.; 8.
Tyler Sauter, Necedah; 9. Steve Schultz, Webster, Minn.; 10. Mahlon Borntreger, Elroy; 11. Andrew Meyerhofer,
Menasha; 12. Brandon Birdsill, Reedsburg; 13. Landry Potter, Genoa City; 14. Dusty Mann, Farmington, Minn.;
15. Michael Gilomen, Northfield, Minn.; 16. Chris Kentopp, Redgranite; 17. Martin Kentopp, Redgranite.

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