Okruhlica Best UMA-Mods at Dells

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Wisconsin Dells WI 5/28/18- Justin Okuhlica from Jackson WI held off the constant pressure of fast qualifier Bill Prietzel to win the UMA-Mod feature at Dells Raceway Park Saturday night, Matt Pate and Jerry Blystone finshed a close third and Fourth while Denny Schott rounded out the top five. In earlier action Bill Tandetzke of Mikwaukee won the Diamond Wheels Fast Dash and Dan Howard from Baraboo was the heat winner. As of now Okurlica and Pritzel are tied for first place on top of the 2018 point standings.

Mods - Qualifying 1 (Results): 1-Prietzel.B 2-Pate.M 3-Schott.D 4-Blystone.J 5-Tandetzke.B 6-Okruhlica.J 7-Moberly.R 8-Howard.D 9-Swanson.D 10-Howard.C 11-Seidler.K

Mods - Dash 1 (Results): 1-Tandetzke.B 2-Okruhlica.J 3-Pate.M 4-Blystone.J 5-Prietzel.B 6-Schott.D

Mods - Heat 1 (Results): 1-Howard.D 2-Moberly.R 3-Swanson.D 4-Seidler.K 5-Howard.C

Mods - A Feature 1 (Results): 1-Okruhlica.J 2-Prietzel.B 3-Pate.M 4-Blystone.J 5-Schott.D 6-Moberly.R 7-Howard.D 8-Seidler.K 9-Swanson.D 10-Howard.C 11-Tandetzke.B
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