Nolden Victorious on Veterans Night

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Wisconsin Dells WI 5/28/18-Fast Qualifier and Four time track champion of Sun Prairie WI Nick Nolden claimed his second feature win of the year Saturday night at Dells Raceway Park with the help of some late race cautions he was able to close the gap on Minnesota driver Grant Brown who had a solid lead going into the later stages of the race. Brown was able to hold off the hard charging Kody Hubred for second, Jared Deming survived a few on track skirmishes to finished fourth minus a fender and Kelsey Schultz recorded her second top five of the season in as many nights. Haley Kapp of Pardeeville WI captured the Fast Dash and heat wins were claimed by Nick Beaver and Allen Borntreger.

LM - Qualifying 1 (Results): 1-Nolden.N 2-Hubred.K 3-Kirberger.K 4-Schultz.K 5-Borntreger.M 6-Kapp.H 7-Schotten.L 8-Brown.G 9-Deming.J 10-Stenson.T 11-Borntreger.A 12-Brown.D 13-Haggar.M 14-Beaver.N 15-Raley.H 16-Morgan.C 17-Stenson.H

LM - Dash 1 (Results): 1-Kapp.H 2-Schultz.K 3-Borntreger.M 4-Hubred.K 5-Kirberger.K 6-Nolden.N

LM - Heat 1 (Results): 1-Beaver.N 2-Raley.H 3-Haggar.M 4-Morgan.C 5-Stenson.H

LM - Heat 2 (Results): 1-Borntreger.A 2-Deming.J 3-Schotten.L 4-Brown.G 5-Brown.D 6-Stenson.T

LM - A Feature 1 (Results): 1-Nolden.N 2-Brown.G 3-Hubred.K 4-Deming.J 5-Schultz.K 6-Beaver.N 7-Kirberger.K 8-Kapp.H 9-Haggar.M 10-Borntreger.A 11-Schotten.L 12-Borntreger.M 13-Raley.H 14-Stenson.H 15-Brown.D 16-Morgan.C 17-Stenson.T
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