Plutz Claims Dells Sport Trucks

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Wisc Dells WI 6/16/18-Jason Plutz from Neenah, WI claimed the victory in the first visit of the 2018 season of the Wisconsin Sport Truck Series to Dells Raceway Park Saturday Night over Kyle Quella from Appleton. Cody Vanderloop finished third while Drew Habeckand Nathan Brantmeier rounded out the top five. Plutz was also the evenings fast qualifier with a time of 15.878 for an average speed of 74.821mph. Blaine Habeck and Tom Kreuger were the ...heat race winners. The Sport Trucks will be back on Sunday afternoon Sept 23rd as part of the TUNDRA Super Late Season Championship show.

1 96P Jason Plutz 15.878
2 7B Nathan Brantmeier 16.459

3 02Q Kyle Quella 16.55

4 21H Drew Habeck 16.599

5 65K Tom Krueger 16.694

6 15V Dillon Vandenberg 16.805

7 41K Craig Krueger 17.316

8 20H Blaine Habeck 17.382

9 4V Cody Vander Loop 17.689

10 70U Ted Ulman 17.713

11 18R Andrew Ross 17.99

Heat #1

1 20H Blaine Habeck

2 4V Cody Vander Loop

3 15V Dillon Vandenberg

4 70U Ted Ulman

5 41K Craig Krueger

6 18R Andrew Ross

Heat #2

1 65K Tom Krueger

2 96P Jason Plutz

3 02Q Kyle Quella

4 7B Nathan Brantmeier

5 21H Drew Habeck


1 96P Jason Plutz

2 02Q Kyle Quella

3 4V Cody Vander Loop

4 21H Drew Habeck

5 7B Nathan Brantmeier

6 15V Dillon Vandenberg

7 65K Tom Krueger

8 20H Blaine Habeck

9 41K Craig Krueger

10 70U Ted Ulman

11 18R Andrew Ross
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