Lembke Captures His First in Dells Bandits

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Wisconsin Dells WI 7-6-19-It was 13 yrs in the making for Dave Lembke, but the Germantown WI driver finally got what he had been missing in his driving career a Feature Win. Josh Mazur of Reedsburg and Ron Osborne of Fitchburg brought the Bandit field to the green in the North American Cup Bandit Feature and Osborne took the early advantage followed by Jeremy Bredeson the fast dash winner with Lembke and Jim Lapp in pursuit. The former track champion Lapp and Lembke took control of the lead by the midway point swapping the lead several times in the closing laps but a late race caution would set up a green white checker shoot out leaving Lembke just 2 laps to get the job done which he did with the laps lap pass of Lapp to take home his first career feature victory with tears in his eyes. Lembke later said in victory lane, I have worked so hard for this moment and never thought it was going to happen, but it did, & it feels wonderful. In earlier action it was the speedster from North Freedom, WI Logan Delaney who was fastest in qualifying with a time of 16.795 70.735 mph
& Jeremy Bredeson won the Don Larson Super Store Fast Dash.

Results for 7/6/19 - Dells Raceway Park - Wisconsin Dells, WI
Bandit Division
A Feature North American Cup 20
1. 06L-Dave Lembke, [4]; 2. 96L-Jim Lapp, [6]; 3. 19O-Ronald Osborne, [2]; 4. 7B-Jeremy Bredeson, [3]; 5. 24K-Shawn Kemnetz, [5]; 6. 20H-Jordan Hoffman, [9]; 7. 26M-Josh Mazur, [1]; 8. 8D-Logan Delaney, [7]; 9. 72C-Ron Coppernoll, [8]; 10. 15T-Brad Tidwell, [10]
Don Larson Super Store of Baraboo Dash
1. 7B-Jeremy Bredeson, [5]; 2. 19O-Ronald Osborne, [4]; 3. 96L-Jim Lapp, [9]; 4. 26M-Josh Mazur, [3]; 5. 24K-Shawn Kemnetz, [7]; 6. 72C-Ron Coppernoll, [8]; 7. 06L-Dave Lembke, [6]; 8. 8D-Logan Delaney, [10]; 9. 20H-Jordan Hoffman, [2]; 10. 15T-Brad Tidwell, [1]
Qualifying Presented by Don Larson Super Store of Baraboo
1. 8D-Logan Delaney, [5]; 2. 96L-Jim Lapp, [2]; 3. 72C-Ron Coppernoll, [1]; 4. 24K-Shawn Kemnetz, [9]; 5. 06L-Dave Lembke, [3]; 6. 7B-Jeremy Bredeson, [4]; 7. 19O-Ronald Osborne, [7]; 8. 26M-Josh Mazur, [10]; 9. 20H-Jordan Hoffman, [8]; 10. 15T-Brad Tidwell, [6]
N1070 Smith Rd.   Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965    Phone: 608-253-7223